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Supply Chain Management features
  • Barcode Scanning
  • CRM
  • Demand Management
  • Distribution
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Logistics Management
  • Order Management
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Product Tracking
  • Shipping Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Warehouse Management
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  • Installed server
  • Installed Client
  • Web-based Client
  • Mobile Support
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  • Single Sign-On
  • Web Services API
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Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software, Inventory Software, Warehouse Management Software and Logistics Software listed for your organization. You will here find Supply Chain Management Software supporting the whole supply chain, such as Logistics software, Warehouse Management software and Supply Chain Management Software like Distribution Software, Inventory Software, Procurement Software and more.

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What is Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply Chain Management Software is used to give functionality to support the whole supply chain, delivering a product from the creation of the product until it is fully delivered to the customer.

Examples of supply chain management software are Warehouse Management software, Inventory Software, Logistics software, Distribution Software and Procurement Software.

Supply chain management software is extremely valuable in organising the products and making sure that the right products ends up in the right place. It you, for example have Warehouse Management Software, you are able to organise the warehouse and able to use the software with barcode scanners to make sure you pick the correct products down to details of colours. This used to be a problem in the beginning of mail order management since the customers easily could receive the correct make but with the wrong colour (before having good Supply Chain Management Software).

Common features in Supply Chain Management Software are:

• Barcode Scanning
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
• Product Tracking
• Order Management
• Warehouse Management
• Supplier Management
• Planning
• Procurement
• Logistics Management
• Inventory Optimization
• Distribution
• Shipping Management
• Vendor Management
• Demand Management
• Inventory Management

Combining above functionality with flexible reports in the Supply Chain Management Software helps increasing the productivity and enables the Supply Chain Management Software to perform analysis to steadily improve the performance of the business.

Inventory Software is sometimes called Inventory Management Software or Asset Management Software. Supply Chain Management Software can sometimes be shortened SCMS and sometimes be called Supply Chain Software.

What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply Chain Management (SCM), including among all Warehouse Management and Inventory Management, is the management of services and products that are to be delivered to customers.

Supply Chain Management includes everything from storage and all movements of the products and all all parts contained in the products, including all work processes performed to get the products from the point of creation to the end-point.

This is why we see warehouse management and inventory management in the supply chain management area. Warehouse management is aimed to control storage and movements of material in a warehouse, including how to pick material and make sure that the right material is packaged for the right customer.
Inventory management is the control of how much you have stored to know what is available for distribution to customers.

To help with keeping the supply chain management in control you have Supply Chain Management Software which can also be divided into different systems, such as Inventory Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems.

A Warehouse Management System, also called WMS, is helping you to store the materials in the correct place in the warehouse in the right place and keeps track of when you are moving them. A commonly used tool to help with moving material is the hand terminal. When picking the material you will then scan the material barcode, including all specifics such as type, color, etc, and make sure that the right information of what is stored in the warehouse is recorded. This will also help in making sure that the customer receives what is ordered.

An Inventory Management Systems help you to keep control over how much you have in stock so that you have the correct amount of products in stock according to what the demand is. By having good control over the inventory you make sure that the customer will quickly get what is ordered and will also make sure that you get the correct amount of stock not to be over-stocked.
Every now and then you control the inventory, count all products in stock, to make sure that the information in the inventory management system is correct.

A Supply Chain Management Software (SCMS) often includes the two above mentioned systems and some more functionality to have good control over the flow of products and services. One important functionality is the forecasting functionality to understand how the future will look and therefore be able to order correct amount of products to have in stock. It is also important to be able to integrate the supply chain management system with other systems, including the systems at the suppliers. All to minimize the lead times.

Supply Chain Management Systems are vital for suppliers of products. The bigger organization and therefore the more products in circulation, the more important with more complex and intelligent systems. When implementing the supply chain management system you will quickly realise that the expectations on the future is often very unrealistic. Using information of the past and the trends that have been, the supply chain management systems will help you a lot in keeping better control of how much products you need to order to have a smooth product flow, both from the suppliers and to the customers. It will not only make it possible to control the product flow but also control the resources needed from time to time to make sure that the movements of products are made correctly.