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Visual Data Trellis Charts

by The Visual Data Group Pty Ltd
Product description

Create effective and clear excel charts. Charting technology that is modern and that gives you insights into the business.

Visual Data Trellis Charts gives you eight new chart types that are previously unavailable in Excel. Included are Dot Plots, Box Plots, Parallel Plots, and more. Additionally, Visual Data Trellis Charts will give ability to create trellis chart layouts to allow them to analyse several pieces of data simultaneously in an effective and clear manner.

Visual Data Trellis Charts integrates modern charting capabilities with the interface of Excel that users are familiar with. It works by running the R commands on your Excel data and displays resulting chart. Most importantly, it is easy to use, giving fast results.


Density Plots display density of values in a distribution. These charts display more detail than for example Box Plots.

Dot Plots display numerical values, arranged by category. These charts are good for showing clusters and outliers within data.

Box Plots are used for displaying compact summary of value spread in a distribution.

Parallel Plots are used when discovering patterns across a lot of numerical values. These charts are very useful when using categorical value for grouping.

Scatter Plots are used when comparing numerical values against each other. Scatter plots can also be used when creating Line Plots to display trends over time.

Quantile-Quantile Math Plots are used when comparing distribution of values against either the Uniform Distribution or the Normal Distribution. It is a good fit if data points appear in a straight diagonal.

Quantile-Quantile Plots are used when comparing two distributions of values. The data points in the plot represent relative densities of two distributions plotted against each other.

Scatter Plot Matrices are used when comparing several numerical values with each other. These matrices are good when used to discover relationships between values and the pattern across relationships.
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