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av Velpic
Velpic offers an innovative Learning Management System (LMS) cloud-based solution that is easy-to-use. Customers use one platform in their browser window or mobile app to create, distribute, learn, and report on video and multimedia training.

Velpic is an integrated learning management system (LMS) software that covers all key functions of online training. Being cloud-based, Velpic does not need to be downloaded, uploaded, backed up, or supported by expensive hardware or IT staff for maintenance and upgrades. There is no need for technical training or experience in design, video production or IT to create and publish professional-looking training videos in-house.

Using one platform, Velpic allows you to simplify and automate many training-related tasks and processes that typically take a lot of time, money or effort. Provide consistent content for eLearning at the same time to different employees in different places.

Velpic is scalable across any small, medium and enterprise business size, and has applications for customers across any industry, especially high risk industries with compliance standards, as well as businesses with on-demand transient or contingent workforce and contractors.

Start a free 14-day trial to see if Velpic is right for you, available on the Velpic website site and via single-sign on in the ADP Marketplace for current ADP customers.

A product well-suited for those in HR, Learning & Development, Occupational Health & Safety, compliance, Registered Training Organisations, Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses, non-profit and government, resources and industrial, IT/SaaS, sales/customer service and more, who are looking for a software to help with workplace training, knowledge sharing, onboarding and inductions.
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  • Learning Management System (LMS)

Vanliga Funktioner
    • Plattform
      • Hostad (SAAS)
    • Prismodell
      • Prenumeration
    • Vanliga funktioner
      • Web Services API
      • Single Sign-On
      • Integration till andra system
      • Import/Export av data
      • Flexibelt användargränssnitt
      • Flexibla rapporter
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