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by Vaultium
Product description

Vaultium is a cloud based, secure online document management / file sharing SaaS (software as a service) solution. It is built by professionals and designed to support all different kinds of businesses. Vaultium is partner with The Bunker, which is the most secure underground data cenre in Europe, an ex-military data centre, and is compliant with the standard ISO27001.

The private cloud environment, Vaultium, is used by all different kinds of teams, businesses, charities and departments to safely manage, store and access their increasing volumes digital files online, at any time. Vaultium is extremely easy to use. Drag-and-drop multiple or single folders or files from the desktop into your vault for Vaultium to automatically index and store your files into folders. With no limits on file sizes you are able to share data with external or internal partners, users as well as clients.

The online file storage solution, Vaultium, offers the users highest possible quality records management capabilities for a great rate compared with the traditional public cloud computing or on-premise solutions. Vaultium is compliant with EU and UK Data Protection and also supports the strictest compliance regimes around the world. Using Vaultium, you can be confident that your documents are safe and always know where the documents are stored, forever.

Vaultium was founded in 2002 by May Ladd, who is one of the leading authorities in records and information management in Europe.
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