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by Exaktime
Product description

Finally you are able to find an office time tracking software that is easy to use. Construction’s most advanced time tracking solution has just got better with release of TimeSummit 3.17. With loads of new features, this powerful software provides you with more options than ever to help you manage your equipment, employees, job activities and work locations – all in one place. With the addition of FaceFront Biometrics™, JobClock Hornet support and enhanced reports, TimeSummit 3.17 makes it easier to keep the business on time and on budget.

FaceFront Biometrics™
With FaceFront Biometrics photo verification, you are able to eliminate the risk of buddy punching with the PocketClock®/GPS. Using the Smartphone’s front-facing lens, this new feature snaps a photo of the workers when they clock in and out. The only thing the bookkeeper has to do is to check your workers’ time punch photos and match them to their employee photos in TimeSummit. That's how easy it is.

Now supports JobClock Hornet
JobClock Hornet has now arrived for TimeSummit 3.17. This powerful time-tracking solution receives records from Hornet when records are sent wirelessly, giving managers the real-time records and the real-time benefits from remote worksites. With JobClock Hornet, you never need to collect time records again.

Report enhancements
Reports are the backbone of TimeSummit. Using the powerful reporting engine, you are now presented with over 40 reporting options right at your fingertips. Newer options include graphs, pie charts, annual summaries and more. Explore which reports work best for your business.
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