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by Squirrels LLC
Product description

Reflector is a computer based software connecting your iPhone or iPad to your PC/Mac. Reflector allows the user to mirror their iPad or iPhone onto a PC or Mac via airplay. Multiple users can mirror at the same time. The user can control access to their Mac/PC by setting a password to prevent unwanted connections. Recording capability is available to easily capture the screen of the iOS device and save it as a video file for later review. Reflector is a great tool for training, sales, IT support and any other area where the user has their material on their iPhone or iPad.
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Links: A school using Reflector  Review of Reflector
  • Group Training
  • Offline Training
  • Training Administration
  • Video Presentations
  • Webinar
 HR & Staffing
  • Training Management
  • Document Sharing
  • Information Sharing
  • Multi-user Communication
 Social Networking
  • File Sharing
  • Photo Album Sharing
  • Video Sharing
 Project Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Resource Management
  • Proposal Management
 IT Management
  • Remote Control
  • Virtualization

Common Features
    • Platform
      • Installed Client
      • Web-based Client
      • Mobile Support
    • Price model
      • One-time License
    • Common features
      • Custom User Interface
      • External System Integration
      • Single Sign-On
Price information
The lowest price is the lowest to obtain the product. The highest price is including all modules that are available.
All prices are in US Dollars.

Year 1 Year 2
From To From To
1 User $ $ $ $
10 Users $ $ $0.00 $
100 Users $ $ $ $
Product language
Support language
Represented in
United States



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