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PerimeterX Bot Defender

by PerimeterX
Product description

PerimeterX provides the most powerful, accurate, and proven bot detection solution. PerimeterX is built upon machine learning based behavioral analytics to achieve the highest level of detection accuracy and scalability. It also includes the most comprehensive set of integrations for seamless deployment into any infrastructure.

We provide unparalleled accuracy because unlike most solutions that only match bot profiles we measure the interaction with your website across three layers:

We analyze the user network characteristics and information provided at the network level. We use it for detection, but it’s the least accurate and most easily spoofed signal. So we go a step further.

We collect hundreds of indicators from the browser such as features, sensor data, and visual and audio rendering. We then compare these indicators to our library of browser profiles. For mobile apps, we detect device capabilities and environment. We also detect mobile and web application requests that aren’t typical of a normal user. We always know when something is wrong or out of the ordinary, ensuring your ultimate protection.

By analyzing the behavior of your users, we take accuracy to a whole new level. We collect human behavioral patterns such as mouse clicks, screen touches, cadence, and timing. We see clicks or input done in a hidden frame or not by a user. Even the most sophisticated bots can’t bypass our advanced behavior analysis technology.

By abusing encoded business logic, sophisticated attackers utilize real browsers and mobile apps to take over accounts, perform fraudulent purchases and scrape content, without triggering traditional security mechanisms. PerimeterX Bot Defender’s advanced behavioral analysis technology detects anomalies in user behavior including login dialogs and web-surfing patterns, preventing even the most sophisticated Gen-4 bot attacks.
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 IT Management
  • Website Monitoring

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