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by Mindarray Systems
Product description

Motadata is an IT analytics software platform that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data. It can collect data from multiple sources, in any format, and analyze it for insights. It unifies traditionally separate IT monitoring data from network devices, server instances, virtual machines, cloud deployments, applications and web servers of NOC and log analytics from SOC in a single powerful platform. Motadata provides higher customer flexibility with plugin driven architecture and widgets driven visualization to meet any custom needs. Its single window dashboard enables both IT admins and CXOs to get insightful IT reports as per their business needs. Powered by Mindarray Systems Pvt. Limited, Motadata has all that is needed to solve today’s complex IT challenges.
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 IT Management
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Performance Management
  • Security Management
  • Virtualization
  • Website Monitoring
 Business Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Performance Management

Common Features
    • Platform
      • Installed server
    • Price model
      • Subscription
      • One-time License
    • Common features
      • External System Integration
      • Data Import/Export
      • Custom Reports
Price information
The lowest price is the lowest to obtain the product. The highest price is including all modules that are available.
All prices are in US Dollars.

Year 1 Year 2
From To From To
1 User $1050.00 $1550.00 $1050.00 $1550.00
10 Users $1050.00 $1550.00 $1050.00 $1550.00
100 Users $2804.00 $12862.00 $2804.00 $12862.00
Product language
Support language
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