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MOOS Project Viewer

av Stand By Soft

The MOOS Project Viewer is the Microsoft Project viewer that is able to open any MS Project file type (.mpt, .mpp, .xml, .mpx) for any of the current or previous Microsoft Project versions (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010). Available views are Gantt chart, WBS, resource sheet, task sheet, resource usage and tracking Gantt.

MOOS Project Viewer is running on any Java-enabled platform including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and it is therefore the perfect solution for project stakeholders to get an overview of the project details in a dynamic way. There is no need to work with static reports or printed materials in different formats (pdf, html, excel etc.). Using MOOS Project Viewer you get possibility to see project details that no other report is able to give you. You can zoom in and out, collapse and expand, show and hide, resize, etc. Hence you get a really powerful tool with a strong configuration for you to view any Microsoft Project file.

Why do you need this MS Project viewer?

If you receive a file generated from MS Project and you don't have Microsoft Project installed (or purchased) and you only need to view it, then you need a MS Project viewer. This will enable you to save money. There are a lot of viewers on the market; some are freeware and some are commercial, but only some of them are good. MOOS Project Viewer has the absolute best MS Project viewer value / price ratio.

What do you get by using MOOS Project Viewer?

* No need in having MS Project installed on your computer
* Open any Microsoft Project files (mpt, mpp, xml) from any MS Project versions (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010)
* Available views: Task Sheet, Gantt Chart, Resource Usage, Resource Sheet, Tracking Gantt
* Easy-to-use interface (easier that with Microsoft Project)
* Wide Gantt chart timescale range (from minutes to years)
* Print any view
* Show / hide, arrange and resize the columns per view
* Show critical path, deadlines and baselines in the Gantt chart
* Running on multiple platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
* Show colors on task bars in the Gantt chart
* Free upgrades
* 24 hours support
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