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Hotel management software, Motel booking

av Truelogics Infotech Pvt Ltd
True It Products Provide Industrial management software like Hotel,Jewellary,Ems,CRM,School,Customize Window Application,Online and Office Software Development.

Hotel management software is really an advanced approach of technology. It is great help for hotel control, especially in terms of improving performance. Hotel Software is highly useful to handle the functions on a day-to-day foundation for suitable works of the types of housing like resorts, guesthouses, rentals, bungalows, hostels or other space bookings which is to be handled on a regular foundation. . Hotel management software allows the resorts to examine the specific choices of the visitors by having a look at their previous remains in the hotel.
Online organizing allows visitor to examine for space availability; they can also recognize the kind of solutions and features resorts offer. Clients who are looking for Motel bookings for their travel can easily guide bedrooms, choose their check-in and check-out schedules. Plus, they can also create special demands on the internet with the help of hotel store. Hospitality industry allows different visitors to create organizing at the same time hence resorts get more customers without investing on extra team for booking or making the visitors hold out on mobile phones to guide their bedrooms.
We have the following management segments in our HMS products:
1. Front office
2. F & B (restaurant, bar, room services and banquet)
3. Washing
4. Several store facility
5. Stock (1 Stage, 2 Stage and 3 Level)
6. Bill, Food Asking for
7. Reports

And many more.............

Benefits -
• Professional, immediate automated e-mail verification, Time savings
• Quick accessibility promotions
• Enhanced client retention
• Additional protection actions to secure the financial information of your guests
• A Simple to Use Arranging Management System
• Quality Systems at Cost-effective Price
• Perspective room’s accessibility and any other history in a few second
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  • Service & Repair Management
  • Active Directory Management
 Personal & HR
  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Attendance Management
  • Chat
  • Product Configurator
 Ekonomi och Bokföring
  • Financial Reporting
  • Billing / Invoicing

Vanliga Funktioner
    • Plattform
      • Egeninstallerad server
    • Prismodell
      • Gratis / Open Source
    • Vanliga funktioner
      • Skapa egna fält
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