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Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

by Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.
Hitachi ID Systems delivers access governance and identity administration solutions to organizations globally. The Hitachi ID Suite is a fully integrated solution for managing identities, security entitlements, credentials for business users and shared/privileged accounts.
Product description

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager is a system for securing access to privileged accounts. It works by regularly randomizing privileged passwords on workstations, servers, network devices and applications. Random passwords are encrypted and stored on at least two replicated credential vaults. Access to privileged accounts may be disclosed:

To IT staff, after they have authenticated and their requests have been authorized.

To applications, replacing embedded passwords.

To Windows workstations and servers, which need them to start services.

Password changes and access disclosure are closely controlled and audited, to satisfy policy and regulatory requirements.

Privileged Access Manager secures privileged accounts on an enterprise scale:

It periodically randomizes every privileged password.

Users must sign into Privileged Access Manager when they need to use a privileged account. Multi-factor authentication can be required.

Privileged Access Manager launches login sessions on behalf of users, without displaying passwords -- single sign-on.

Logins to privileged user accounts can be recorded, including screen capture and keyboard logging. This creates strong accountability and forensic audit trails.

In a typical enterprise-scale organization there are thousands of servers, workstations and network devices. Normally, there is a single, shared administrator password for every type of device. For example, one password may be used for each workstation of a given type or for every server with a given configuration. This is convenient for data center and desktop support staff: if they need to perform maintenance or an upgrade on a workstation or server, they know how to log in.

See more at: http://hitachi-id.com/privileged-access-manager/
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