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Flexter XML converter

by Sonra Intelligence Ltd
Product description

Flexter automates the conversion of complex XML/JSON to a relational or tabular format. It stores the output in text files (CSV, TSV), a relational database (Oracle, SQL Server etc.), or big data formats on Hadoop/Spark (Avro, Parquet, ORC).

Why Flexter?
The idea for Flexter was born from our frustration of working with XML and JSON in data warehouse and business intelligence projects.
Whenever we came across one of these data formats the project into the same set of problems.
The data analysts took forever to make sense of the XML/JSON structures.
The developers had to write endless lines of code or ETL data flows.
The complex requirements resulted in buggy and hard to maintain code.
Data quality issues were rampant.
Once all the code was written it turned out that it was not fast enough or could not handle the large volumes of data.

Flexter Benefits
Traditionally ETL tools have been used for converting XML/JSON to a database. However, the core strength of ETL tools is to transform structured data and work with relational databases. They often struggle with semi-structured data in XML or JSON. While most ETL tools offer functionality to handle simple and flat XML files at low volumes, they have serious limitations:
They don’t automate the conversion process. ETL developers still need to create data flows (potentially hundreds for complex XMLs) and data pipelines. A significant development effort indeed.
ETL tools don’t scale beyond a single server for XML processing.
Most ETL tools can’t handle XML files in batches. They process one XML/JSON file at a time. This has a significant impact on performance as we need to iterate over these files again and again
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Common Features
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