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FG Receivables Manager

by Funding Gates
Product description

Finally giving you the tools Fortune 500 companies use to manage receivables. Funding Gates Receivables Manager prioritizes your accounts, allows you to contact customers, take notes, log calls, send reminders & more. No more spreadsheets / notepads!

Who is it for?

FG Receivables Manager is right for you if you manage receivables for a business. You can be:

A business owner,
A credit manager / staff,
An assistant in charge of customer follow up,
A family member helping out in the business, or
An accountant or anyone else managing receivables for a business.

Easily access your receivables data

Automatically keep track of your customers and receivables in a whole new way.
Reduce your decision making process from several hours to a few minutes.
Know right away what needs to be done.

A virtual assistant that learns from you

FG Receivables Manager never stops learning about you and your customers. It provides smart recommendations on every account to help you get paid.
Whether it’s between sending a letter or making a follow-up call, use the recommendations to make better decisions.
Receive alerts whenever accounts go overdue, payments are made or follow-up is necessary.

Staying organized has never been easier

Every day, see your priority list and which customers you should contact first.
FG Receivables Manager keeps a record of all your interactions with your customers, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

No more spreadsheets or lost notepads

Get the entire communication history with your customer on a single page.
Easily go back in time to see what you did with a customer.
Always be ready to follow up on any invoice, anytime.

Powerful tools & easy integration with Quickbooks

Funding Gates syncs with your Quickbooks account to get your "customers" and "invoices" data, so you are always up-to-date.
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