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by EcosAgile
EcosAgile is the innovative software platform, dedicated to SMEs, for Human Resources Management and all People-centric processes.
The suite has been improved by a team that has worked in the HR Departments with some of the most important national and international clients for over 20 years.
Product description

eExpense's functionalities make the management of expenses and transfers easy and modern, it is appreciated by personnel for its capacity to streamline the processes and possibility to be used immediately, it helps the company to process data in a more simple, highly-reliable and cost-efficient way.

eExpense allows to:
- Register expense reports at any time and control approval status;
- Apply controls and rules on the threshold;
- Choose among multiple expense items, that can be activated in accordance with company requirements;
- Choose working activities / projects to attribute expenses with the possibility to manage the chargeback the expenses;
- Choose the currency of the expense report;
- Check the list of all receipts and supporting documents with respective approval status;
- Search for receipts/expense reports via QR code;
- Synchronize requests in real-time and receive notifications about the status of the requests;
- Register transfer/business travel requests integrated with the prenotation of transportation, car and overnight staying;
- Use simple intuitive web back-end for managing rules and personal data, exporting data and dynamic reports.

eExpense can be used immediately with the possibility to link it to existing systems in order to extract and integrate information, employee can easily check expenses and transfers via eExpense even if they were registered via other systems.

The data of the expense reports is available for the company in the format of simple file o via API/Web services.
eExpense is complete, open and expandable, it can be connected to API of other systems and your back-end functionality.
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 Cost Management
  • Alerts
  • Expense Management
  • Payroll Management

Common Features
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