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Credit Card Processing

by Arcarius Funding, LLC - Credit Card Processing
Arcarius is a funding & business development company, servicing merchant cash advance, payment processing, and business loans finding for business owners, real estate, retail business, restaurants & bars, construction & contractors, and small businesses.
Product description

Receive Fast, Reliable, And Secure Transactions With Arcarius.
Arcarius allows you to enjoy high reliability with expedited funding and instant transaction viewing on our online portal. We have a solution for all your payment processing needs; whether you’re using an integrated point-of-sale, an electronic cash register, a terminal, or an ecommerce solution, we are a leader in the payments-processing industry. Interested in mobile payments? Accepting EMV chip cards? We can help simplify your business operations with our integrated payment services that enable the most common transactions directly from most devices. When you choose Arcarius for payments, you can choose the payment device that’s right for you.

Providing Credit Card / Merchant Processing.
Arcarius is growing rapidly and is becoming a major provider of credit card processing and merchant services. Through affiliations with prominent contributors in the credit card processing industry, Arcarius has positioned itself as a major provider of processing services to merchants. Arcarius goal is to provide merchants with the best utilization, most competitive processing fees, and support without compromise.

Why Arcarius?

Compatibility with your existing hardware and software.
Fast and easy authorization and processing of all payment forms and card brands.
Comprehensive data summaries and reporting with your own login.
Leading-edge technologies to protect against fraud and loss.

Our Pledge To You

Through our partners, Arcarius offers secure transactions to help keep your customers’ sensitive credit card data out of the hands of cyber thieves. We provide the tools and resources to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance.
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