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Clean Calculator

by Jumpstart Development LLC
Product description

This mission of Clean Calculator is to provide all of the hard-working Cleaners in our industry with an affordable, easy to use system. A system that actually helps you grow your business and make more money.

We have a personal stake in providing a system that benefits our users. Our aim is to help those in the cleaning industry, whether they are Owner/Operators, Office Managers or Single Cleaners. Our personal interest in building the best Cleaning Software comes from our experiences with bidding, cleaning and managing a thriving Commercial and House Cleaning service.

We understand that cleaners and owners alike need Clean Calculator to manage and grow their business. Our users make more money with our solution and we stand by it with our guarantee.

Clean Calculator was founded in 2017 by industry experts with many years of experience. The founders are still owners of a Regional Cleaning company that does both commercial and residential service.

After searching for cleaning software and bidding tools from dozens of providers the founders decided to build their own solution. The system was an instant game changer for our business. The value of the software is so profound that the founders knew they needed to make Clean Calculator available to the public. With improved accuracy in bidding on cleaning jobs, they saw a dramatic increase in revenue as they won more opportunities.

They knew most companies in this industry are local cleaners with little money to spend on expensive software systems so they decided to release the platform for the most affordable price in the market.
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 Business Management
  • CRM
  • Billing / Invoicing

Common Features
    • Platform
      • Web-based Client
    • Price model
      • Subscription
    • Common features
      • Web Services API
      • Single Sign-On
      • External System Integration
      • Data Import/Export
      • Custom User Interface
      • Custom Reports
      • Custom Data Fields
Price information
The lowest price is the lowest to obtain the product. The highest price is including all modules that are available.
All prices are in US Dollars.

Year 1 Year 2
From To From To
1 User $300.00 $1000.00 $300.00 $1000.00
10 Users $ $ $ $
100 Users $ $ $ $
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