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Breeze Accountants Worksheet

by CompAcct Solutions Ltd.
Product description

Breeze Accountants Worksheet, the classic manual Accounting Worksheet to electronic rendition, that is used by Accountants when adjusting the General Ledger account balances when preparing Financial Statements as well as closing their accounting cycle. It is designed to provide accountants with an Accounting Worksheet system where Accountants need to formalize their process to identify and document adjustments, for instance in Public Accounting engagements, which is often referred to as Trial Balance Software or Client Write-Up Software.

One main feature in the Breeze Accountants Worksheet is General Ledger standardization using account mapping. What this means is that you can prepare a standard General Ledger template to be mapped into the standard template of any of a wide range of General Ledger systems.

Breeze Accountants Worksheet is, through the use of flexible balance importing for multi-entity groups using a wide range of accounting systems, designed to be a Financial Statement Consolidation Solution. Balances can be imported from Accounting Reports from Excel. After the import of balances into the system, combination or consolidation calculations are possible. Adjustments can be made on the combined or consolidated balances.

Since Breeze Accountants Worksheet is technically designed to be like the classic textbook Accounting Worksheet. It may be of assistance to Accounting students when they are learning worksheet operations.

Breeze Accountants Worksheet also includes the Financial Statement System as an Excel Macro template, using custom functions that are used for retrieving program data that is used when preparing Financial Analysis and Statements in Excel.
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