PR: The Place To Find Business Software,, Releases V0.95, Focused On Ease Of Use

sep 26, 2011 has released version 0.95 of the Business Software Directory where purchasers can find software the easy way. The latest version has been focused on increasing the ease of finding products by enhancing the filter functionality., the Business Software Directory that enables purchasers to find business software faster than any other place on Internet, has released version 0.95 of the site.
The new release is focused on enhancing the user interface to make it even easier to find software.

The major news for version 0.95 are:

* Enhanced category structure to make it easier to find the right category easier
* Better functionality around filter including nicer user interface
* Some minor enhancements around the user interface on most pages
* Improved structure and texts for better SEO, both for as well as for the products included in the software directory.
* now tweet about new products, updated products as well as product news

To be able to be one of the best places for both software purchasers as well as software vendors to find software as well as market software, spends a lot of work on enhancing the possibility to easily be found when searching on search engines.
This has resulted in numerous words and phrases located among the first 10 results out of hundreds of millions.

By spending a lot of work on optimizing SEO, will make it even easier for software vendors to become more successful in their product marketing work. Of course this also makes it easier for software purchasers to find software they are looking for.

As for every release, some changes have been made to the user interface. listens a lot to the customers to make it easier for them to find software they are looking for. This means in general that the way information is presented is changed as well as the functionality in the background.

In the near future, will release the possibility to compare products. This is an important part of how to find software that suits the purchasers the best. The comparison will show comparison of free text about the product as well as price comparison and comparison between standard functionalities.
Upcoming is also the possibility to use RSS to publish product news automatically. With this functionality will not only be the major site to find software on but also where you go to find the latest collection of business software news. will soon be available in several more languages, such as French, Spanish and Italian.

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