PR: Find the best Help Desk Software at, the Marketplace for Business Software

March 22, 2011 has recently released version 0.6 of the Business Software Marketplace. One of the categories that is growing rapidly is the Help Desk Software category.

One of the major categories of the Business Software Directory,, is the category for Help Desk Software. To help software purchasers find and evaluate products without the need to jump around to different websites, is offering software vendors to put extensive information on the Software Marketplace.

Every product at has its own product information page. As a software vendor you are able to include into the product information:

Long description of the product
Category information
Screen shots of the application
YouTube demo video

With information in one place, software purchasers will find all information they need to evaluate a top-5 list of products to evaluate. After finding the list of good Help Desk Software, purchasers can continue to the vendors’ web pages for further evaluation.

In the release to come, is releasing possibilities for vendors to release Product News and Product Releases information to the market. With this possibility, will be the best place where to find Help Desk product information for the whole Help Desk Software area.

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