PR: The Business Software Directory,, Releases V0.96, With Enhanced Product Filter.

Oct. 11, 2011 is getting closer to the v1.0-release of the business software directory. With version 0.96, has now completed the product filter functionality making it possible to work even easier with the filter.

The Business Software Directory,, has released version 0.96 of the site where you are able to easily find software for your business.

The new release is mainly focused on enhancing the product filter even more and you are now able to easily see what criteria the result is reflecting.

The major news for version 0.96 are:

* More advanced product filter to enable quicker and more precise searches
* Summary of the latest press releases and articles on the first page
* Some minor enhancements around the user interface
* Possibility for professionals to help software vendors to create nice product information pages
* Added pages for About Us as well as Business Services to describe more about what the company Ltd, founder of the business software directory, is offering
* Preparing for release of version 1.0 more statistics are being offered for the software vendors
* Some enhancements around language management to be able to release in more languages by release of version 1.0

As a business software directory, is now established as one of the three most visited business software directories on Internet.

This is very much due to the fact that the SEO work has now started to take effect on the search engines combined with the ease for people to find the software they are looking for. As software vendor it is very valuable being part of a business software directory that is focusing a lot on SEO since it also increases the visibility for the products listed.

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