PR: The Business Software Directory,, Releases V0.93, Now With Product Filtering

Aug. 10, 2011 has, with previously released versions, been focusing on the possibility for software vendors to add as much information as possible about their products. Version 0.93 enables software purchasers to easier find software they are looking for with powerful filtering functionality.

The best place where to find software,, has released version 0.93 of the business software directory. The major additional functionality is a remodelled search engine, to make it even easier to find what you are looking for, as well as a product filter to enable purchasers to search for specific functionality, languages, country representation and price models.
To encourage software vendors to modify information and add news and release information, is now putting the last changed product in the top of the list, both on the first page as well as in each category that the product is part of.

The filter functionality is helping purchasers to really find what they are looking for by filtering the information that the software vendors submitted about their product. You will also be able to find software that is part of several categories by selecting them in the filter. This way you will, for example, be able to find a project management software that has built-in test management and bug tracking. This enables purchasers to really find what they are looking for in a much quicker and more efficient way than before. This is a unique functionality that is not found anywhere among any other business software directories on Internet.

As usual, has modified the user interface a little for the new release, making the site more easy to use as well as enabling software purchasers to be more efficient in finding the best software for their business. has increased popularity to be used as the place where to find business software and is already, even before version 1.0 is released, among the top players on the market for supplying product information. Before version 1.0 is released, all services are supplied for free to help software vendors easier find quality leads.

In the near future, will release functionality for product comparison. Also, for software vendors there will be statistics to show how many times the information they submitted has been shown as well as been clicked on.

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During 2011, increases the Business Software Directory steadily to offer the best products to the purchasers within the category of interest. The marketplace functionality increases to become the main communication platform between software vendors and purchasers.
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