PR: The Business Software Directory,, releases v0.9 with even better functionality.

May 31, 2011, the best place for finding and evaluating Business Software, has released v0.9 of the website. This version shows how determined is to become number 1 on the market for Business Software., the main Business Software Directory on Internet, has released yet another version of the site. This release is mostly focused on creating easier navigation, adding some extra categories and prepare for users to be able to compare and find the software they are looking for easily.

In detail, version 0.9 includes the following new parts:
· New category structure
· Easier category navigation
· More software categories
· Possibility to connect features to the products
· Possibility to connect prices to the products

The two later points are there to make it possible for purchasers to compare and find the products they are really looking for. To begin with, information is gathered about the products that are added to the Business Software Directory.

The static information about the products will be used to make it possible for purchasers to do advanced search and filtering of products to make it easier to find the best match of business software for their organization. Users are also going to use this information for product comparisons. is launching a membership program from version 1.0, but at the moment all products are shown as if the vendor is Platinum Member, including the possibility of free advertising. Besides the free membership, is offering Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships. What is included in each membership is described on the membership page.

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