PR:, the Business Software Directory, releases v0.92, with more product information.

June 30, 2011 is giving the opportunity for software vendors to give information about their products to software purchasers. This gives a great opportunity for everyone to have one place to find the best information about business software.
Version 0.92 comes with better user interface and the possibility for software vendors to add more information about their products as well as for software purchasers to read more information about the products.

The main Business Software Directory,, has released version 0.92 of the website.
The new release is mostly focused on letting software vendors add more information about their products and also show all this information on the product information pages.
Some changes have been made to the user interface to make it easier for users to easier navigate through the site and also to fix some minor bugs that were present for navigating through on mobile devices, such as iPads and mobile phones.
When going to a product page, users will now also be able to see what other products the software vendor is offering the market. This will enable the software purchasers to get a good understanding of who the software vendor is and what they are offering.

Information that can now be added about a product is the following:

* Product Name
* Product Description
* Website
* Extra links
* Logo
* Connect the product to one or more categories
* Connect the product to one or more features per category
* Select common features for the product
* Price
* Product languages
* Support languages
* Country representations
* Screenshots
* YouTube video

All information is gathered in a way to make it possible for comparison of products and to easier guide purchasers to find the best product for their organization. has increased the popularity and is already, even before version 1.0 is released, among the top players on the market for supplying product information. Before version 1.0 is released, all services are supplied for free to help software vendors easier find quality leads.

The upcoming releases will include possibilities for software purchasers to filter information and do advanced searches based on the information added by the software vendors about their products. Software vendors will be able to find statistics about the interest for their products and will be able to bid for positions in the product lists.

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