PR: Business Software Directory,, releases v0.8 of the marketplace for Business Software

April 29, 2011

As the Software Directory continues to grow in popularity, version 0.8 is now released with a lot of things done to help increasing SEO for the products listed on the site.
With, among all, the possibility to publish news and release information with backlinks, the vendors not only are able to spread information about their products to their customers but also increase the visibility for their products on internet., the Business Software Directory, has released version 0.8 of the website.
Version 0.8 includes support for publishing of product news and releases for the software vendors, now including backlinks.

To become the best Business Software Marketplace for purchasers and vendors around the world, is focusing on simplicity and user experience.

The release includes, except for bug-fixes, a lot of functionality to help increasing SEO for all products listed at the site, such as:

• URL structure for the products including the product name
• Links to the product home page, as chosen by the vendor, for product news information
• Links to the product home page, as chosen by the vendor, for product releases information
• Twitter published for all published product news and releases information
• Possibility to view the 100 latest news and the 100 latest release information
• In, press information and articles are now published from the Ltd professionals.
• There is a connection to the product information page at from the product releases and product news.
• There is now a possibility for more ads to be shown to enhance product visibility even more. is increasing functionality for every new release. A lot of functionality has been added after requests from’s customers. In the next coming releases, will include the possibility to add standard feature information about products to enable advanced searches for the purchasers as well as enable the possibility for comparing products. This will help purchasers to easier find just the product they are looking for and that suits their organization the best. is launching a membership program from version 1.0, but at the moment all products are shown as if the vendor is Platinum Member, including the possibility of free advertising. Besides the free membership, is offering Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships. What is included in each membership is described on the membership page.

Go to or contact us on for more information. You can follow as at for daily news on what is happening.

About started in 2010 with the aim to become the best market place for Business Software. With experience from both the purchaser side as well as the software vendor side of a software market, will be able to release extensive support for software vendors to reach out to purchasers as well as for purchasers to find the best match of product for the organization. The Business Software Directory includes software for 28 business areas, like for example Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Time Management Software, CRM Software and Help Desk Software.