PR: Ltd, Provider Of The Business Software Directory, Appoints New CEO

Aug. 29, 2011

To be able to meet the demands of the market, Ltd has appointed a new CEO, Mattias Lind.
Mattias has previous experience from both the software purchaser as well as the software vendor side which is invaluable for the continuous growth of Ltd, the owner of the Business Software Directory, has employed Mattias Lind as chief executive officer (CEO) to be able to meet the demands for the upcoming 1.0 release of the site. provides one central location where software purchasers can find business software to enhance productivity and efficiency of their business. The main goal for is to make it easy for purchasers to find the solution they are looking for by providing good search capabilities in combination with extensive information about each product in the directory.
By not having to locate each software vendor to understand what solution they can provide, helps businesses save time needed to find the best solution.

Mattias has spent his 20 years of experience in the technology sector, starting in various areas of software development and then moving on to business management and business development.
Mattias has extensive experience from both the software purchaser side as well as the software vendor side and will with this be able to help the progress of the development of the site as well as the business to move in the right direction.
Mattias experience in the business development area from numerous sectors will also help in accelerating the production of the already very popular articles published by Ltd. started small in 2010 to use time for search engines in finding and ranking the site. is now in top 10 for a number of main keywords on the major search engines and has already passed some of the biggest competitors.
By being active and successful in the listings on the search engines, not only increases its own visibility but also the visibility for all products listed on the site. This is an invaluable service for the software vendors since it decreases the demand for their own focus on Internet marketing.

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About Ltd
Founded in 2010, is the first online business software marketplace targeting both local as well as international markets., with expertise from both the purchaser side as well as the software vendor side, is a website with efficiency and user experience in mind.
During 2011, increases the Business Software Directory steadily to offer the best products to the purchasers within the category of interest. The marketplace functionality increases to become the main communication platform between software vendors and purchasers.
The Business Software Directory gives possibility to find software in around 40 business areas, like for example Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Time Management Software, CRM Software and Help Desk Software.