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buissy_firstpage is so much more than a directory; it is a high quality Business Software Marketplace designed with the business user in mind.

We decided to develop a site with this enhanced functionality after experiencing for ourselves the frustration in both trying to find software products for clients and also having tried to market products for other clients when working as consultants. Our own experience combined with consumer studies of what purchasers are looking for in a software directory, has driven the design of Our goal is to provide users with easy navigation and filtering possibilities in combination with extensive product information.

The intention is for business software purchasers around the world to find all the information needed about products in their category of interest and to use the site to compare detailed features and benefits of the alternative products available in order to decide on the best software choice for them.

As we encourage our vendors to regularly update their listings with the latest news about their product development we ensure that is the most current and up to date source for comparing the very latest software in whatever category area you may be interested in.


Navigating to find the products you are looking for can be done in 3 ways.


1. Category Tree

The first is to navigate through the tree of categories on the left hand side. This tree is available in most pages of the site and includes around 30 categories in total. By clicking the category group you expand the categories included. Press one of the categories, preceded by an arrow, to view a list of all products included in that category. On the right, behind each category, you will see how many products that are included in the category.


2. Product Filter

The second way is to use the product filtering functionality. This is top of the class way to filter on exactly what you are looking for. When on the first page you are able to filter on Categories, Platform, Price Model and Product Languages. All choices aplies meaning you will be able to find products that are part of several different categories. This is extremely valuable since you may want one software that covers several areas, for example Project Management Software with Bug Tracking functionality.

As shown in the example to the right there is the active filtering criteria shown on top of the filter. This is to make it easier for you to understand what criteria is valid for the current search result. By clicking the X behind one of the criteria you can remove it and therefore broaden the result. You may also click 'Clear all' to remove all criteria.

The filter result is automatically updated to make the selection process as smooth and quick as possible.

When entering a category you will be able to filter on the features you are looking for instead of filtering on categories. The rest of the choices are the same as on the first page.

3. Search

buissy_search By using the field on the top right on the menu bar you are able to search through most information in the database. Click the hour glass and you will get a list of products matching your search criteria the best.

Most popular products and categories


To guide you to what other products users are looking at, we have, at the top of the page, the 5 most visited products. On the first page this shows the most visited products in the whole Business Software Directory. On each of the category, the 5 most visited products in the respective category are shown.

buissy_categories Our most visited categories are also shown and indicate which categories most of our users are moving into when in the category tree.


You are able to read news published by the software vendors listed at The news is shown on the right hand side of the website. When you are on the first page you will see news from all products. Entering a category you will find news published by products in that category. When reading about a product on the product information page you will find news only from this software vendor.

On the right hand side of the screen we also publish news and articles connected to the business software area. These articles are information rich sources of great ideas that provide added value to our customers. Together with the articles and news items are press releases from our vendors.

Product Information

All product listings at show extensive comparative information to help guide you through your evaluation and purchase process. Our aim is to help you to create a shortlist of the products you are interested in before visiting the software vendors' websites.

The following information is available on the product information pages:

product_info_page1 product_info_page2

For companies with several products, references to the other products are shown on the product information page as well:


Languages is multi-lingual to help as many users possible to find the software they are looking for. The amount of languages supported and the multi-lingual functionality is increasing steadily to give as much support as possible. Change language to your preferred language on the top menu bar.

Business Services Ltd, owner of the site, is owned and managed by business consultants with expertise in a wide range of areas; we are internationally experienced Project Managers, Manager Coaches, Process Developers and more. If you need any help in your organisation, please contact us. You can read more about the services here:

One of the services we give for free is to help you in your process of finding software. Send in an RFI (Request For Information) describing what you are looking for. The more information we receive, the better help we will be able to give you to find the best software. Find more information on how to contact us here: