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Collaboration features
  • Brainstorming
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Discussion Forums
  • Document Sharing
  • Email Integration
  • External Collaboration
  • Information Sharing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Knowledge Base
  • Multi-user Communication
  • Hosted (SAAS)
  • Installed server
  • Installed Client
  • Web-based Client
  • Mobile Support
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  • External System Integration
  • Multi-language
  • Single Sign-On
  • Web Services API
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Collaboration Software

Collaboration software / Communication systems listed, enabling you to cooperate and easily work with information sharing and communication with your colleagues and customers. You will here find collaboration software for, among all, discussion forums, knowledge base, calender sharing, etc. Collaboration software are vital in a large organization with needs to structure the information and communication between co-workers and partners. Collaboration software is also sometimes called groupware. Since any software helping to increase collaboration is called collaboration software it is important to understand what collaborative features you are looking for.

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edge CRM
One Click Code Reports
Gojek Clone
Factorial HR
BizPortals 365
ReachOut Suite
Apphitect IM
Apphitect IM
Softros LAN messenger
FlowForma BPM : Customer Service Software : Customer Service Software
Kapture CRM Software
Enterprise Explorer
RationalPlan Multi Project
Bubble Innovator™ PPM
Legal CRM
e-commerce CRM
Contract Insight Enterprise
Contract Insight Enterprise
Vision Helpdesk
DataStation Innovation Cloud
Innovation Cloud
Kanban Tool
Orienge Conterra ECM
Conterra FIM
Start Selling
Affinity 360: CRM + ERP for SMBs
Axpert TradePlus
Knoodle - eLearning Platform
RationalPlan Project Server
Comindware Tracker
Comindware Task Management Free Software
Clarizen project management software
Multi Project Planner
todoyu - get tasks done with your team
Cobalt Project Manager
Podio - Project Management Software
Picnic CRM
Project Management Program
Pivotal Tracker
OM Plus Print Management Solution
WORKetc CRM + Projects
Blogtronix Enterprise
Task Manager 2010 Team Task Management
ConceptDraw Office
Seavus DropMind
MOOS Project Viewer
Content Central - Document Management
Sales coApp
Zoho Meeting
NetDocuments Online Document Management
Yanomo - Time tracking, PM and invoicing
Autotask Pro
Document and Knowledge Management System
Project Insight
Innovation Suite
Commence CRM
Bright Green Projects
GroupCamp Project
Community of practice for managers
TeamWork Live
cameron fenley
OpenKM - Document management s
The Guide
Ganttic Planner
DynaFile Document Management
A1 Tracker Contract Management
Clearsight Project Office
6D Project Catalyst
Powerway Suite 2000
IGLOO Software

What is Collaboration Software?

Collaboration Software is used to help collaboration in different areas between co-workers and customers. Functionality in collaboration software is part of a lot of software in other areas, such as project management software and document management software, but there are software focused only on creating good collaboration and they are called collaboration software.

Examples of features that can be part of collaboration software are:

• Multi-user communication
• Chat (also called instant messaging)
• Document sharing
• Discussion forums
• Calendar sharing
• Brainstorming
• Knowledge base
• External collaboration
• Email integration

Whether collaboration software is used in an organisation or not it is important to understand the benefits of collaborating between colleagues. By collaborating with help of collaboration software you will be able to cut a lot of time spent on unnecessary activities and make better use of the personnel.

By also including customers in the collaboration software you will be able to have them do a lot of your work. One example where you are able to collaborate with customers is by having ideas stream into the collaboration software from customers about new services, etc to be provided. By having this in the collaboration software you will be able to cut a lot of time from the research department. This is just a small example of use of collaboration software and you will find that you use functionality used in collaboration software in a lot of software even though you don’t specifically have the intention and purpose of collaboration.

Improving Teamwork With Collaboration Software

It is common knowledge that in a work place, team work is needed in order to harness the best results for the company. When employees do not move towards the same goal, efforts would be useless and resources would be wasted because of the conflict of interests. To build a sense of belongingness and friendly atmosphere in the work environment, managers should create team building sessions for their subordinates for them to be able to mingle with each other and develop their relationships. When employees have good working relationships with co-workers they would have good or better ways of expressing themselves and communicating their thoughts, which facilitates better team decision-making. And with technology, communication among co-workers has become easier through the use of various collaboration software.

Collaboration software is a tool that enables institutions to put up systems wherein their workers can communicate with each other through removable media or by email. Moreover, it is designed to facilitate communication and teamwork among people who are concerned about accomplishing the same goals. Through this software, people who have different geographical locations are able to give out input, help in the addition, revisions, and deletions of certain data in written works through the internet and they can just sit back and do their jobs without having to go up to the third floor to give their opinion on a certain project. This software also supports management functions, like assigning tasks, managing deadlines, and shared calendars.

Collaboration softwares just simplify employees’ work by giving them the ease of communicating with the co-workers without having the need to be physically present. Another perk of this software is that team managers who oversee the work in progress will be notified that there were some recent activities done by a specific individual. This facilitates faster response from team members as the overseer can just message the involved parties and these people can then respond just by email, voicemail, private messages and the likes.

Many companies and their workers can provide information, share insights, make decisions, and create superb results through collaboration software. Because many people are now involved in the task and the means of communication is now simpler than it was before, companies will have a richer and more complex result based on group efforts. When employees know that their work is monitored and that their contributions are valued by their team, it would only make them work harder.

The importance of online collaboration software for business

The importance of working smarter and faster within the workplace has never been more important than it is today. With so many companies fighting for each other’s business, it really is a buyer’s market out there in just about every industry one can think of. The pressure is on for businesses to get more from their employees without crossing the “Unacceptable” level of work line.

The need for good customer service has never been more important either, people are finally starting to get fed up with the “bigger” organisations that have a department for a department, and none of them have a clue what the next one is doing. A recent survey suggests that the average person would quite happily pay extra for a product or service if they felt that the after service or customer service was going to be better than the cheaper alternative. Paying more for a better level of service as long as it was affordable, is a wide spread philosophy that is growing by the day.

Collaboration software is one answer to improving the company’s overall performance and organisation. Thanks to the wonder that is cloud computing, online collaboration tools have changed and bringing people together has never been easier then it is now.

There are numerous collaboration softwares and it is a fact that more businesses are starting to implement a remote working practice. This allows users to work from home or an external location instead of traveling into the office everyday. It also allows mobile staff such as sales reps to work directly from the network as opposed to working locally from their laptops. The government is encouraging remote working because it reduces traveling which helps the environment while relieving traffic congestion at the same time. However it can also bring the headache of trying to keep everyone “working from the same hymn sheet” and this is where collaboration softwares come into its own.

A collaboration software the perfect tool for bring people together by working from a centralised location. It allows users to share documents, contacts, calendars and projects. In addition, it allows one to create milestones and keep staff up to date with latest activity reports.

Collaboration softwares are also excellent for coordinating activities within the workplace. It also allows one to assign and delegate tasks to staff.

So how can this improve customer service? Simply by improving internal communication the customer base should see an improved level of customer service, and that is one of the main reasons why so many businesses are starting to use online collaboration solutions. Collaboration softwares aren’t cheap, but the long term effects it can have on the business are worth every penny.

Web Conferencing and Collaboration Software

Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software allows users to host audio visual meetings via the Internet. Through the use of Webinars and web conferencing software, companies can disseminate information to their employees, customers, shareholders or other persons of interest.

Uses of Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software can be used for conducting meetings, disseminating share holder data, eLearning, instructional videos, sharing Power Point presentations and other file sharing. Web conferencing is necessary for sharing the visual component of a presentation that cannot be communicated through voice alone.

Advantages of Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software allows companies to save time and travel expenses by meeting virtually. Web conferencing differs from teleconferencing by incorporating the interactive human or visual element. The information is communicated in real-time, as if the participants of the meeting were in the same room. The moderator can use a whiteboard to underline, draw or communicate ideas. Additionally, the attendees can share files, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Flash Player, and Power Point. The moderator can execute most actions that individuals would perform in a board room, aside from shaking hands. Almost an unlimited number of users can connect using the software.

How Web Conferencing Works

Web conferencing software works similarly to teleconferencing. Web conferences allow for 10 of fewer participants to collaborate at one time. Web seminars allow for thousands to listen to a few moderators speak in turn. Both, web conferences and web seminars are implemented by the same software with different settings. The audio aspect of web conferencing is implemented through conferencing tools or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Individuals are typically invited to web conferences via email, phone, or text message. During this communication, the attendee is given the information necessary to connect to the Webinar. This information usually consists of a login and a password. Once the invitation is accepted, the participant can log onto the system up to an hour before the conference occurs.

When a majority of the attendees are connected to the web conference, the moderator will begin the conference. During the conference, participants will exchange information through file sharing tools, whiteboards, via voice, via instant messaging or desktop sharing. The web conferencing software even allows the moderator to take polls of the audience to monitor the audience’s reaction to the information presented.

Web seminars are often recorded and used later as instructional videos for those individuals unable to attend the live seminar.