Business Services Ltd offers business services to help your business perform better in different ways. We have experience from a lot of organizational areas and will be able to support you the best possible way, especially in management positions. Find some areas where we can help you below.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and also if you need help in any other areas not listed below. Most services require us being on site but we combine this with off-site work as well to minimize the cost for you wherever on site presence is not needed. Our prices are very competitive and can also be bought as package to be able to lower the cost even more.

Manager Coach

Do all of your managers perform the best they can?
If not, it could be good for them to have a coach to make them enhance the better sides of themselves and to have someone who can help them work in line with your organisation’s expectations. We will meet with the manager and understand where coaching is needed the best and then make a plan to how often we should meet and what should be accomplished.

Manager Stand-in

Have you lost or had to release a manager of his/hers duties?
To be able to continue the work in the part of your organisation that now is missing leadership, we will help you, part– or fulltime to lead the division until you found the best candidate for the position. We will also be able to assist you in recruiting the ideal candidate. Since we have great experience both from the technical as well as from the business point of view you will especially find it valuable to use us in positions where we need to communicate well between technical divisions and other parts of the organisation.

Support Management

Do you have or want to start a support organisation and need support?
We have expertise from running one of the best support organisations in Sweden. This was due to good working processes and a professional way of respond to the customers. Customers can be both internal as well as external. We will help you to create processes that work well for you as well as standards on how to respond to your customers. We can also run the support organisation for you for a while to finally transfer a successful organisation to your management. We also have the possibility to support you in the implementation of the most common ITSM processes for your technical support, such as Incident Management, Change Management and Problem Management. These processes are the most common processes to start with when implementing ITIL to an organisation and our employees have experience needed to support you in the implementation.

Project Manager

Do you need a project manager for any of the projects?
We can support you with a project manager both for your internal as well as your external projects. This can be everything from technical projects from an agile point of view to administrative projects in any part of the organisation.

Management Consultant

Do you believe that you are working the most optimal way all over your organisation?
As Management Consultants we will help you to improve the processes of your organisation. The typical approach consists of analysing and documenting your current processes and then continues to identifying the parts that can be improved. This can be everything from very small but repetitive activities that would be beneficial to optimise to larger processes.

Guidelines for the Managers

Are the managers in your organisation following a unified process and with the same tools?
A common dilemma is that managers work in different ways sending different messages to their employees. This is why it is important to create guidelines for the managers to work towards the same goal, with the same tools and with the same attitude. Setting up guidelines also includes education of the guidelines to the managers.

Internet marketing expertise

Do you feel that you would benefit from being more visible on Internet?
With the experience we have from building our own site to have numerous phrases on the first 10 positions on the major search engines we are able to help you increase your visibility as well. This is not a normal SEO service based on building backlinks, but a service where we go through what you as a company wishes to communicate to the market and how you actually do it. We will go through your home page as well as recommend recurring activities to reach your goal. Since there are a lot of companies fighting about the same words it is important to see how to compete the smartest way.

Run part of your Business in Malta

Malta is a great place to run parts of your organisation. This is due to tax benefits, highly educated English-speaking personnel and low salary costs. Our local presence provides us with a unique knowledge of the market, both from a business point of view as well as personal point of view. We will help you to run part of your organisation on part– or fulltime which will also reduce the cost of management. This will help you to increase your business with a low investment cost and enable you to test a new concept without major risks. Having part of your business in Malta also gives a great opportunity for your employees. You will be able to send them over to Malta for a period of time which will give them a chance to work in another culture and in a great climate most time of the year.