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Business Management Software

Business Management software and ERP software listed, enabling you to have support for your internal business processes. You will here find business management software for Auditing, measure business performance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management, customer management, supplier management and most other features included in Business Management Software to manage your business.

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ReachOut Suite
Salonist Salon Management Software
Clean Calculator
Pure Automate
linkedin clone,ready made social network
Flexter XML converter
Hotel Management Software
POS Software
IMC Process Guide
t-shirt design tool
FlowForma BPM
Skyboss : Customer Service Software : Customer Service Software
Survey Anyplace
Kapture CRM Software
LS intranet
LS intranet
Atlas ERP
Hotel Management Software
Restaurant Management Software
ERP Software
Legal Compliance Management Software
CRM Software
Procurement Management Software
RationalPlan Multi Project
Bubble Innovator™ PPM
SearchFilter Pro
Khaos Control Cloud
SAP® Business All-in-One solution
Producer Company Software
Nidhi Company Software
Smart Assets- Fixed Assets Management So
AJ Matrix MLM Software
Inventory & Order Management Software
Reporting Workbench
Legal CRM
e-commerce CRM
Contract Insight Enterprise
Contract Insight Enterprise
Avention for sales
DataStation Innovation Cloud
Subiz Live Chat
CheckPlus Check Printing Solution
Web Development Services
Asra Products/Softwares
Asra MLM Softwares/Products
Asra Hyip Softwares / Products
MIDAS - Web Based Room Scheduling
EASM ePCR Software
ProProfs Knowledge Base Software
Platform as a Service
Campus Management Software
Construction and Infrastructure ERP
Service and Distribution ERP
High Tech Electronics and Manufacturing
Smart Hospital Management Software
Folklore HR Software
Orienge Conterra ECM
Conterra FIM
Pushpin Planner
Quality Management Software
OptiPro ERP Professional
Windward AutoTag
ClientRunner Software
Hotel management software, Motel booking
Executive Performance Dashboard Software
FG Receivables Manager
Start Selling
Accelerated Erp Software
Accelerated ERP Software
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
TabWare - EAM CMMS Software
aACE Business Suite
Affinity 360: CRM + ERP for SMBs
Axpert TradePlus
Employee Scheduling Software
Hotelogix: Hotel Management Software
DeskCenter USA Inc.
NolaPro Cloud Accounting Software
RationalPlan Project Server
Clarizen project management software
Enterprise Process Center
People Counter
Alight Planning
Labor Time Tracker
Recruitment Software
Visual Data Trellis Charts
Appointment-Plus Online Scheduling
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Ticket Tailor
Kingdee KIS Accounting
Erply Point of Sale for Windows
Podio - Project Management Software
Spinso EQMS Sales CRM
Epicor ERP
Ardexus MODE Lotus Notes CRM
WebMode CRM
restaurant management software
Crave Invoice
Picnic CRM
Virtual Ticket
DeskCenter Management Suite
OM Plus Print Management Solution
WORKetc CRM + Projects
Blogtronix Enterprise
RationalPlan Single Project
Direct-Recovery Parcel Audit
GDS Workshop Manager
Task Manager 2010 Team Task Management
ConceptDraw Office
Seavus DropMind
Maintenance Connection
MOOS Project Viewer
Ethio Autobank
Sales coApp
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing
Zoho Reports
Yanomo - Time tracking, PM and invoicing
Autotask Pro
Document and Knowledge Management System
Inventory Software
Warehouse Management System
Reach Accountant
Innovation Suite
Commence CRM
Senomix Timesheets
Enth - the database search engine
Live Chat Software
Live2Support! Live Chat Service
OneClick Commissions
Luxor CRM
R-lite Web Based Software
R-Lite's HR Recruitment Softwa
Applicant Recruitment Tracking
versaSRS HelpDesk
TeamWork Live
cameron fenley
The Guide
Retail Management Solutions
Affordable HR Software Provide
Affordable HR Software Provide
Best HR Solution Company
Saas Solution Provider
HR Software Solutions
Saas Based Recruiting Software
Online Recruitment Software
InsFocus BI
Web Based Issue Tracker
Web Timesheet
Web Contact Manager
Ganttic Planner
Contract Assistant
BillingTracker Pro
FastTrack Schedule 10
A1 Tracker Contract Management
Online Survey Tool
Retail Management Solutions

What is Business Management Software?

Business Management Software is a solution that helps in different areas of the organisation. For larger organisations the business management software is called ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning Software).

The business management software includes functionality for different areas in the company, to enable all information to be included in one solution.

Examples of areas included in the business management software are:

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
• Sales
• Finance / accounting
• E-commerce
• Project Management
• Inventory Management
• Order Management
• Auditing
• Risk Management
• Strategic Planning
• Score cards
• KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
• HR (Human Resource)
• Time Management
• Contract Management

Having functionalities for a lot of areas in the organisation in the business management software is valuable for a lot of companies. It enables personnel to move between different departments in an easy way and enables everyone to discuss and increase knowledge about the same business management software.

Usually different business management software are available for different size of companies to support. It is therefore important to evaluate the business management software to use thoroughly before implementation.

Business Management Software can sometimes seem to be a large cost for an organisation. However, if using the modules provided in the business management software, the benefits as well as the price, are usually very beneficial since you do not have to evaluate, implement, educate and integrate a lot of systems as they are all part of the business management software. The integrations between the modules in the business management software are already there so that cost, usually very high, is almost totally gone.

These kind of business management software are mostly used in larger organizations but vital for any company size and you are therefore able to find Business Management Software or ERP Software for a bit small and medium sized companies as well.

The Importance of Business Management Software

Every small business is constantly trying to develop new and different ways to become better organized. In order to accomplish this task, many companies utilise project management software.
Project management software is designed to deal with the various aspects of handling complex business projects. It can assist a small business with things such as estimation, scheduling, resource allocation, budget management and more.

One of the most common needs among small businesses is the ability to schedule events as well as tasks in regards to their completion date, etc. There is project management software that will help a business schedule specific people to work on a project for a specific duration and during a certain period. It can also determine what various resources will be required and when they will be needed and more.


During each business project it is important to get estimates that are as accurate as possible. Project planning is an important aspect of project management software. It provides the user with important information such as an overview of how long a business task will take to finish, any risk associated with the business project, etc. It can also provide historical information on the progression of a particular project in relation to predictions. Cost maintenance may be provided that enables the optimum utilisation of project resources.


Software designed for project management can be run as a desktop application. The data for the business project can be stored locally or put on a central database or even the intranet. Each business must decide what information will be shared and who should have access to it.
Software Choice

Not all project management software is the same. It is important for a business to get the software that best fits their specific needs. Project management software may use a variety of different management methods to achieve a goal. These methods may not be a good fit for every business situation. If the software does not provide a sufficient amount of functionality when it comes to tracking or controlling a project, but does provide more planning options than are needed, another software should be considered.

Software Tasks

Project management tasks cover two different spectrums. In one is the management of projects with calendars, assigned tasks, project bench marks, staffing allocations and more. On the other is the ability for people involved in the project to communicate. Team members as well as managers and vendors need to have a communication system that works. Effective project management software should be able to incorporate both spectrums.

Project management software can be quite expensive or it can be found on the web for free. The important thing is for a business to decide the features that will best meet their needs for handling their business projects.

What is Business Contact Management Software

Business contact management software is a software that helps salespeople, customer service representatives, and managers keep in touch with clients, leads, and affiliates. This software usually keeps track of a number of different kinds of information such as phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and even records of past dealings with that particular client.

Business contact management software is necessary and valuable for several reasons. For one, it helps you keep track of names and contact in an orderly fashion. It is of common knowledge that the older paper rolodex technique is on the wane and taking its place are modern, highly efficient and highly dependable business contact management software programs that can store an enormous wealth of information. This information can then be stored with minimal effort, eliminating the need for paper shuffling, calling around for numbers, and even using the white pages!

If the potential user is in a line of work that requires dealing with a lot of clients, then a business contact management software is going to be an essential tool which, once tried, will make the aforementioned user wonder how the world ever even went around without it! Nowadays, it isn’t really even that necessary to purchase an entire separate program for contact management, as softwares are available that offers a great contact management system that comes standard with that program. This has greatly reduced the large scale need for separate programs that are totally devoted to contact management. As a result, sales of such programs are down relative to the booming sales in the nineties. Is this bad news for salespeople who need contact information stored on a large scale? Not really. The programs you find in numerous business contact management softwares will suffice for most needs, and there is really no room left for expensive business contact management software when it can be accessed so easily.

So, is business contact management software something that a potential customer should look into? Maybe, if there is a large client base or group of contacts with whom communication is essential on a regular basis, then software of this type is really essential if one hopes to optimize time and resources. The time that can be saved by using this type of software is exceptional, so much so that it is almost guaranteed that the user, after purchase and subsequent usage, will ponder on why they haven’t been using it their your whole lives!

There are many different pieces of small business software available, and asset management software is one of these. Fixed assets are an important business resource that helps the business to trade on a daily basis and generate turnover. Fixed asset management plays an important role and is one that encompasses a lot of fixed asset related activities, this includes ensuring all assets are serviced and maintained, ensuring all assets are adequately insured and ensuring all fixed assets are properly recorded. Arguably, the largest and most involved role of the fixed asset manager is maintaining the fixed asset register.

In its simplest form a fixed asset register is a list of all the assets held by the business. However, in reality the asset register is so much more. The asset register holds a lot of information about each and every asset, such as the date the asset was purchased, specific details about the asset (model number, reg number etc), the cost of the asset, the service intervals of the asset, the replacement value of the asset, the accumulated depreciation of each asset, the net book value of each asset and the location of each asset amongst other things.

It is possible to maintain a fixed asset register on a spreadsheet, such as Excel, however the best way to monitor and maintain the fixed assets is to use a piece of asset management software. Asset management software simplifies the process and reduces the hassle in maintaining an asset register.
When using asset management software, it is important to ensure the information input is accurate as the information extracted from the asset management software is only as good as the information that is input. Inputting information in to a piece of asset management software is not a difficult task, but concentration is required.

Once the information about each and every asset is put in to the asset management software, a variety of different management reports will be generated that will help with service scheduling, insurance purposes and locating the assets. All the information a fixed asset manager will ever need can be extracted from asset management software.

If the potential customer owns a small business that has a lot of fixed assets, asset management software is essential, however it is also very useful for businesses with fewer assets. Where a business has few fixed assets, fixed asset management is unlikely to be at the top of the priority list, therefore it is likely to be given low priority or even totally forgotten until something goes wrong with an important asset. So, to ensure total control of the business assets a piece of asset management software may be just what is required.