How to optimise your product description for more leads


This guideline is designed to help you, our software vendors, to market your products in the best way possible to optimise your use of and to generate leads.

Our goal is to enable purchasers who visit in search of solutions, to find the best fit and options as quickly as possible and to create a short list of Vendors who they will approach to finalise their selection process.

The chance of becoming shortlisted in more searches is therefore directly related to the quality and detail of the information that you provide regarding your products functionality and performance. In addition to describing your product well, it is also beneficial to be in the top section of the list so buyers find you first. This may be guaranteed by using the featured listing functionality.

Product List

When first submitting your product you are able to add data to some initial fields only. When you next login to the control panel more fields become available for full submission of information regarding your products features and benefits.

The first step is to attract purchasers to find your product in the list and then create enough interest for them to go through to the product description. The product list shows your product name, logo and the first 30 words of the product description.

The product name should only include the product name! You may be tempted to add detail about what kind of software it is with the product name, but this has shown not to be very successful. Since purchasers use the category navigation or the product filtering functionality, they already know what they have been searching for and your product name will therefore not get the same visibility, so it really is best to keep to the name only.

We have proven that to show your logo here is very powerful. Having a logo for your product will make it stand out from the list and attract the eye of the purchaser. Your logo may be added when you log in to the control panel after submitting your product data.

When writing the first part of the product description you should think carefully about how to attract a purchaser with your first 30 words. This is the text they will view to decide if your product warrants further investigation. It is very important in this statement to clarify the major category that you product features in. At this stage purchasers want to be sure they are selecting a product that fits their search specifically, so by trying to appear to satisfy many categories you may reduce the effectiveness of you marketing, our guidance is that you should be specific and focus on your products strongest category.

Product Information Page

Looking at the product information page, it is important to understand what purchasers are looking for. A comprehensive product description will make the difference between being short]listed or ignored, so it is important to spend a bit of time to do this properly.

The first section includes the Logo, Product Name, Company Name and Company Description. When logged into the control panel you are able to add the company description which gives you an opportunity to describe a bit about your brand, your business niche or speciality. This is a very important opportunity to help purchasers understand who they are dealing with and may also give assurance on the credibility and stability of the company they are thinking about purchasing the product from.

Further down you will find the product description, this is where the purchasers will decide whether or not to investigate further. You should add here information that describes your product in sufficient detail, enough for them to understand what features and benefits your product can provide. Normally a description around 1500 characters is quite sufficient.

It is important no to pack the text too much but to have several paragraphs with 3]5 lines each. Having bullet point lists is also a great way to make it easier to read.

Below the product description you are able to show extra links. These may be added from the control panel. Well described links give you even more way to provide the user with information that could attract them to choose your product.

Going further down you will find categories and features available in your product. Please be sure to accurately describe which categories your product belongs to and what standard features you provide as this information is what drives the product filter functionality. When a user searches and finds your product it is essential that you can deliver what you have promised.

Below categories and features you will find information about common features that are common to all categories. These are created to make the submission process easier for you since these are usually provided for all categories you added for your product.

You will also find fields for the addition of information regarding platform, price model and common features. Please fill in all different options that you supply. Our studies on what software purchasers wish to read about products in a business software directory, have proven that price information is very important.

Since a lot of products are built up with modules, the price should be given for the least amount of modules and for all modules included. This will give buyers an idea of the price range of your product. After year 1 most products offered with installed installations are charged upgrade and support cost. This is why we also give the opportunity to show the cost after year 1. The price information will be available in the product filter and will enable direct product comparison in the future which is also why this is important information to provide.

Since is an international business software directory, where purchasers from all over the world come to find software, we have included different options for language information and country representation. This information shows the users what languages your product is translated into, what languages your support department speaks and what countries you have offices or partners in. Since this is also one of the parameters purchasers have specified as being important we decided to give you the opportunity to provide.

At the bottom of the page you will find another outstanding feature of, two of the most important fields for truly marketing your products, screenshots and video. The screenshots give the purchaser a quick glance of what your user interface looks like. Please include any screenshots that show what is unique about your product and give an idea of how comprehensive or easy to use your software is.

The video will give you the opportunity to get more in touch with the purchaser. The best ones are short but still instructive. Usually we recommend the video not to be more than 5 minutes. A good idea is to start the video with common information about your product, continue with showing the product in action and conclude with some information about your company. Since more and more users nowadays feel happier to view a video than to read text, this is definitely a very powerful way to reach your potential new customers. The video embedded is a YouTube]video and we just extract the id to be included in the product information.

On the left there is another area that you may use very effectively to promote your company and your product, the product news section.

By adding product news you will be able to show the users more and the most recently updated information about your product. The product news is shown in all categories that your product belongs to, the first page and also on your product information page. As well as having the opportunity to reach out to the purchasers you are also able to add a backlink to where they are able to read more.

Each news item at is able to show 1000 characters, enough to make the user interested to read more.

The last thing that is shown on the product information page is a reference to other products you have listed. This has proven to be very effective marketing as purchasers are more willing to buy products from one company rather than having contracts with several companies. The box showing information about other products is shown automatically if you have more than one product submitted to

We hope you find these guidelines helpful as we are sure that in following these simple steps you will enjoy more benefit from your presence on and will generate more high quality new business leads.

We strongly recommend you consider using the featured listing functionality to increase the visibility of your products within our marketplace.

Our goal at is to help you to market your products in a comprehensive way that enables purchasers to make direct comparison of features, benefits and costs and so select only a carefully qualified short list for further investigation and provide you with genuine prequalified leads to convert into new customers.