About Buissy.com Ltd

The Company

Buissy.com Ltd started in 2010 with the aim to help businesses become more efficient in their daily work.

Everybody involved in Buissy.com Ltd has their background in the IT industry making it possible to give good advice on possibilities of improvements in the business processes with help of software.

Business Services offered from Buissy.com Ltd can be found under our section for Business Services.

The Business Software Directory

Buissy.com Ltd is also the creator of the business software directory, Buissy.com.
Buissy.com is the only multi-lingual business software directory available. With extensive product information and possibility to read product news, all in one place, is unique for Buissy.com.

To list the software in our business software directory is free, with smaller membership fees if you wish to show more information. Read more about the membership options on our membership page.

With the product filtering functionality available, Buissy.com is the best place to find software you are looking for in the quickest possible way. The filtering functionality allows for cross-referencing software between categories as well as searching for standard features.

The business software directory is used by thousands of purchasers every week to find software they are looking for. The software in the directory is also referred to by business consultants around the world who are recommending software for their clients to become more efficient.

With software listed for around 40 business areas, Buissy.com provides for one of the most comprehensive business software directories available. Software can have the origin from anywhere in the world for any languages and is in many cases web-based or cloud-based. Buissy.com is expanding the translations for the site continuously to be able to help purchasers from any country to find the best software for them.

Not only does Buissy.com publish product news from the listed software vendors but we also write articles to help people become more aware of different areas and also be able to improve their business processes.

Contact us

Contact us for more information on how to help you the best way. We will also help purchasers in finding software that is not yet listed in our business software directory as well as sending your RFI (Request for Information) to the software vendors in our directory.

Buissy.com Ltd also holds charity work very close at heart. Ten per cent of all profits are directly given to charity.